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[TenTec] Orion II - Observations and Quirks

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Subject: [TenTec] Orion II - Observations and Quirks
From: "Ken Waites" <BARBIEKENW@peoplepc.com>
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Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 08:47:11 -0700
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Orion II is playing, right now on CW and digital only as I have not changed out 
the mike connector.  (That may prove my downfall!)

1.  I ordered all crystals plus the aux fan.  None of that came with the rig.  
It came strictly vanilla.  I had hoped to delay my having
to use a screwdriver.  Guess I will have to open it up if I am going to put the 
Any comments from users of the new crystals?  Is 600 hz better than 500 hz  - 

2. It came with 3.028 software.  I think I will wait for a later release before 
I upgrade since AM is not my mode.

3. I like the DSP NR better than the Orion.  It seems to a better job - even on 
setting of 1.  And the higher settings do change things.
On CW sometimes I hear a bit of a digital artifact on the tone - which I really 
expected.   Having used the NIR12 in the past, it seems 
a bit of artifact means you have pushed the envelope of what is possible.  
Otherwise you are  "leaving something on the table" that could 
have been done with DSP.  

4. Description of digital artifact:  When NR is turned on, background white 
noise may virtually disappear - depending on RF gain.
Normally I run RF gain about 60, AF gain in the upper half of scale, and 
attenuation of 6 or 12 db.  Usually preamp is off.  Then when
a CW note is heard, it has just a bit of raspyness with it.  I take that to be 
a touch of the white noise that DSP NR eliminated.  Not
really objectionable, but noticible.

5. I split the aux connection on the back to connect to digital (rig expert and 
MIXW) and also to control Steppir antenna.
Right now the antenna seems to get false signals now and again - trying to jump 
between 7 Mhz and 18 Mhz.  Probably my problem,
but not solved at this point.

6. I seems to have some RF in the shack with the amplifier running.  I am not 
sure where it came from.  I have new SONY headphones, and
I hear it in the left ear (where the cord is located) .  The sound is not 
present on the internal speaker.  I do not have an external speaker
at this location.   
I have had enough RF at one point that it momentarily knocked receive out - 
then it came back 3 seconds later.  Great recovery from
what might have been a showstopper in the past. 

7.  The fun is back!

Ken  K5WK/7
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