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[TenTec] Orion II RTTY Problem (Fixed)

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Subject: [TenTec] Orion II RTTY Problem (Fixed)
From: caseke@aol.com
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Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 12:45:04 -0500
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Thanks to all of you who wrote in response to my note.  I neglected to mention 
that I am using Writelog, although that does not figure into the solution to 
the problem.
Paul Clinton at TenTec and I talked this morning and he walked me through a 
number of things, one of which worked.  It is pretty simple - when in LSB mode 
, set the PBT to -1960 (that's MINUS 1960).  That one thing made the 
difference.  Perhaps I should have been smart enough to try that without 
prompting, but since the original Orion specified LSB and +1960, and that 
worked well, it never occurred to me to try -1960.
One other thing - I finally got a look at the Orion video in which Scott walks 
us through the use of the Orion.  In particular, the part about programmable 
AGC and the three adjustable settings was MOST helpful, far more useful than 
just accepting one of the several suggested DX settings that are floating 
around.  I am firmly convinced that knowing just a bit more about setting the 
AGC has been instrumental in succeeding with a few Q's that would not have 
happend otherwise. 
I lied - one more thing yet.  The O II is a real pleasure to use and I'm 
thrilled to have it.  Like somebody else mentioned, either conditions have been 
great, or I am hearing better than I did before with the original Orion.
73, Ken K5KC
My Orion II arrived last Friday.  It is working superbly EXCEPT for a RTTY 
I am using AFSK via a sound card (same setup as for my Orion - and that still 
works fine on RTTY).
The problem with the OII is that when I run it on LSB and PBT at 1960 per the 
TenTec instructions, I am not able to get the signal to decode, even though I 
can hear RTTY signals through the speaker or headphones.  The tuning window, a 
pair of orbit-shaped ovals, will not open up for tuning.
HOWEVER, when I go to USB and PB 1960, and also to REVERSE MODE on my RTTY 
software,  all works well and I can make QSOs, except everything is backwards.
Here are some things I tried, with no change in the problem:
1.  Taking audio from the headphones rather than from the audio out on I/O plug 
in back.
2.  Reloading the current update.
3.  Loading the previous update.
4.  Pulling the skins and checking quite carefully for connection problems.
Just to be sure I hadn't goofed something up, I fired up the Orion (I) in place 
of the Orion II and it still works fine using the same setup, so it is 
something to do with the Orion II.
Has anybody had this problem?  Is anyone having success on LSB using AFSK RTTY? 
73, Ken Case K5KC
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