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[TenTec] Orion 1: QRP operation, analog meter ballistics, "band scan"

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Subject: [TenTec] Orion 1: QRP operation, analog meter ballistics, "band scan"
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Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 17:51:36 GMT
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I've the Orion 1 (AT) with the original software.

I note that when I've got the PWR set above 70, the meter needle

slams into the stop (this on CW.)

  Is there a way to reduce the meter's sensitivity such that I can run 

full power and not peg the meter on each dit and dah?

Also, I like to run QRP and find that even with the PWR all the 

way down, I can't go below @7 watts on 30, 40, 80 or 160.

I'd like to be able to have "1" on the PWR indicator be between 4 and

4.8 watts out.

Lastly, is there some manner of software that would cause the Orion

to "band scan" wherein I would set an upper and lower frequency limit

and a rate and the unit would tune between these frequencies?


Tim Colbert  K3HX

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