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Re: [TenTec] Orion II RTTY Problem (Fixed)

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Orion II RTTY Problem (Fixed)
From: Duane A Calvin <ac5aa@juno.com>
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Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 13:48:33 -0600
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After installing Ver 2.054 on my Orion last night (after just having
borrowed someone's Orion II for the last week), I can tell you that the
Orion now sounds almost exactly like the Orion II.  That's a terrific job
by the Twin Peaks guys!

        73,  Duane

On Tue, 14 Feb 2006 12:45:04 -0500 caseke@aol.com writes:
> Thanks to all of you who wrote in response to my note.  I neglected 
> to mention that I am using Writelog, although that does not figure 
> into the solution to the problem.
> Paul Clinton at TenTec and I talked this morning and he walked me 
> through a number of things, one of which worked.  It is pretty 
> simple - when in LSB mode , set the PBT to -1960 (that's MINUS 
> 1960).  That one thing made the difference.  Perhaps I should have 
> been smart enough to try that without prompting, but since the 
> original Orion specified LSB and +1960, and that worked well, it 
> never occurred to me to try -1960.
> One other thing - I finally got a look at the Orion video in which 
> Scott walks us through the use of the Orion.  In particular, the 
> part about programmable AGC and the three adjustable settings was 
> MOST helpful, far more useful than just accepting one of the several 
> suggested DX settings that are floating around.  I am firmly 
> convinced that knowing just a bit more about setting the AGC has 
> been instrumental in succeeding with a few Q's that would not have 
> happend otherwise. 
> I lied - one more thing yet.  The O II is a real pleasure to use and 
> I'm thrilled to have it.  Like somebody else mentioned, either 
> conditions have been great, or I am hearing better than I did before 
> with the original Orion.
> 73, Ken K5KC
> ***********************
> My Orion II arrived last Friday.  It is working superbly EXCEPT for 
> a RTTY problem.
> I am using AFSK via a sound card (same setup as for my Orion - and 
> that still works fine on RTTY).
> The problem with the OII is that when I run it on LSB and PBT at 
> 1960 per the TenTec instructions, I am not able to get the signal to 
> decode, even though I can hear RTTY signals through the speaker or 
> headphones.  The tuning window, a pair of orbit-shaped ovals, will 
> not open up for tuning.
> HOWEVER, when I go to USB and PB 1960, and also to REVERSE MODE on 
> my RTTY software,  all works well and I can make QSOs, except 
> everything is backwards.
> Here are some things I tried, with no change in the problem:
> 1.  Taking audio from the headphones rather than from the audio out 
> on I/O plug in back.
> 2.  Reloading the current update.
> 3.  Loading the previous update.
> 4.  Pulling the skins and checking quite carefully for connection 
> problems.
> Just to be sure I hadn't goofed something up, I fired up the Orion 
> (I) in place of the Orion II and it still works fine using the same 
> setup, so it is something to do with the Orion II.
> Has anybody had this problem?  Is anyone having success on LSB using 
> AFSK RTTY?  Suggestions?  
> 73, Ken Case K5KC
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