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[TenTec] Problem with Orion II

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Subject: [TenTec] Problem with Orion II
From: "Chortek, Robert L" <robert.chortek@berliner.com>
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Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 17:52:08 -0800
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I figured out the problem, and it is not operator error. 

The main receiver is actually defective. As it turns out the main
receiver actually hears lots of AM signals (don't ask me how or why) at
the same time it receives cw signals. The AM signals are not actually on
the band I am listening to, but I can hear them nontheless. It is as if
the main receiver is hearing on two bands at once, and is mixing up the
signals. I can even hear AM radio in my earphones when tuned to any band
with the volume turned down to zero. This problem does not exist in my
FT1000D or in the sub receiver on the Orion when tuned to the same
frequency. The problem only exists on the main receiver and goes away
when the sub receiver is switched on. 

I know it sounds crazy but I am actually very happy now, because there
is a rational explanation for why the receiver performance differs so
remarkably from what you all have experienced and what I expected to
get. So, back to Ten Tec for a repair job and I hope to soon be a very
happy (and impressed) Orion II owner.

Thanks to all who provided input, it was very much appreciated.



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