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[TenTec] Orion V2.054 Notes

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Subject: [TenTec] Orion V2.054 Notes
From: "Kamal Sirageldin" <ksira@corpten.com>
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Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 23:15:35 -0500
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I decided to try the V2.054 Beta upgrade.  Did the hardware mod for the
Sweep (works great).

I did seem to find one problem, although I wish I could provide more
detailed information to help determine the cause.

Since last spring, I have used an Acom 2000A amp with the Orion - no
problems.  I use V1.372 firmware.

After installing V2.054, I cannot key the amp without it throwing the amp
into protection.  Can't tell if it is because the initial RF waveform output
of the Orion is too high, or if RF is present before the AMP Key line keys
the amp. I use a simple keying cable from the Orion AMP KEY jack to the Acom
key line input.

The strange thing is that the rig keying throws the amp into protection even
when I have the Orion RF output power set to one (1) watt (normally I drive
the amp with 42 watts).

CW QSK is set for 21%.
EXT T/R Delay 1 is set for 23%

Something strange is going on - and it's definitely a V2.054 issue, I
re-installed 1.372 and things work fine with the amplifier.  The 2.054
problem with throwing the amplifier into protection is both in CW and SSB,
and on multiple bands.

I also noticed that the "MON" seemed to have feedback or was extremely
sensitive to level - even when cranked down to a "2".  This did not happen
with V1.372 - I probably need to change the mic gain and SP settings to
different values for 1.372 vs 2.054.  I use a Heil Quietphone Headset with
HC-4 element.

I noticed that the Sweep function works great in V2.054.
Appreciate how compressed some of the setup knob turning is with 2.054.
Setting AGC Threshold is no longer an endless knob turning affair.
The audio fidelity in 2.054 does not distort with very strong signals like
it sometimes did in 1.372. Good job.
I'm not sure, but the receive audio sounds smoother in 2.054.
Screen display seems crisper too.
S-Meter is definitely more generous with strong signals.  Never seen so many
needle pinning signals.

Re-installed 1.372 so I could use the amp, but looks like lots of nice
touches in V2.054.

73  Kam  N3KS

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