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Re: [TenTec] Orion V2.054 Notes

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Orion V2.054 Notes
From: Duane A Calvin <ac5aa@juno.com>
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Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 22:35:42 -0600
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Hello Kam,
        I remember the ACOM had a problem with keying.  My Alpha 99
(vacuum relay) never had the problem, and still keys fine on 2.054 as
well, so I'm thankful for that.  I don't seem to be seeing any leading
edge spikes from the LED metering on the Alpha - don't know if it would
be visible, but with LED's at least I have the possibility of seeing it. 
Just for comparison purposes, my settings are:
        CW QSK = 5%
        Ext T/R Delay = 20% (but is this really used when using the
keying loops?)

        Monitor is definitely a problem, but I think it's the same thing
they just fixed on the Orion II's 2.030 version.  Hopefully we'll see a
fix for that quickly.  

        I'll do my sweep mod over the weekend when I can  carve out a
little more time for it.  Will be nice to have it for navigating the
pileups on 3Y0X - hi!

        73,  Duane

On Mon, 13 Feb 2006 23:15:35 -0500 "Kamal Sirageldin" <ksira@corpten.com>
> I decided to try the V2.054 Beta upgrade.  Did the hardware mod for 
> the
> Sweep (works great).
> I did seem to find one problem, although I wish I could provide 
> more
> detailed information to help determine the cause.
> Since last spring, I have used an Acom 2000A amp with the Orion - 
> no
> problems.  I use V1.372 firmware.
> After installing V2.054, I cannot key the amp without it throwing 
> the amp
> into protection.  Can't tell if it is because the initial RF 
> waveform output
> of the Orion is too high, or if RF is present before the AMP Key 
> line keys
> the amp. I use a simple keying cable from the Orion AMP KEY jack to 
> the Acom
> key line input.
> The strange thing is that the rig keying throws the amp into 
> protection even
> when I have the Orion RF output power set to one (1) watt (normally 
> I drive
> the amp with 42 watts).
> CW QSK is set for 21%.
> EXT T/R Delay 1 is set for 23%
> Something strange is going on - and it's definitely a V2.054 issue, 
> I
> re-installed 1.372 and things work fine with the amplifier.  The 
> 2.054
> problem with throwing the amplifier into protection is both in CW 
> and SSB,
> and on multiple bands.
> I also noticed that the "MON" seemed to have feedback or was 
> extremely
> sensitive to level - even when cranked down to a "2".  This did not 
> happen
> with V1.372 - I probably need to change the mic gain and SP settings 
> to
> different values for 1.372 vs 2.054.  I use a Heil Quietphone 
> Headset with
> HC-4 element.
> I noticed that the Sweep function works great in V2.054.
> Appreciate how compressed some of the setup knob turning is with 
> 2.054.
> Setting AGC Threshold is no longer an endless knob turning affair.
> The audio fidelity in 2.054 does not distort with very strong 
> signals like
> it sometimes did in 1.372. Good job.
> I'm not sure, but the receive audio sounds smoother in 2.054.
> Screen display seems crisper too.
> S-Meter is definitely more generous with strong signals.  Never seen 
> so many
> needle pinning signals.
> Re-installed 1.372 so I could use the amp, but looks like lots of 
> nice
> touches in V2.054.
> 73  Kam  N3KS
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