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Re: [TenTec] Ver 2.054 update - comments

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Ver 2.054 update - comments
From: "Tom Whiteside" <tomw@ecpi.com>
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Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 20:46:38 -0600
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I've been playing my Orion I pretty hard since downloading the new firmware 
yesterday morning.   I've had a chance to use it mostly in CW including some 
weak signal stuff on 10M and 12M (3Y0X) and also 160M.     All I can say is 
this release is VERY impressive...   My radio was back at the factory getting a 
new RIT/XIT shaft encoder last September and they did the display mod then 
apprarently.      The new sweep function is much more responsive and stable - I 
am not used to having it on but it was on continuously during my testing - not 
a hickup.     Now I can click on packet spots and do whatever I want with the 
subreceiver and not lose subreceiver audio - that is so so nice - I was so fed 
up with rebooting my radio to be able to hear the pileup - and you would lose 
it at the worst times...   I use the RF "gain" AGC threshold adjustment 
aggressively and like the feel of the new version.     I was commenting to my 
bride about how clear the signals were on 160M last night befo
 re reading the posts of others making this comment - probably just conditions 
but maybe that audio AGC action now eliminated really does help - not sure 
about that....

Based on the comments folks made about the microphone and compression settings, 
I tried these backed way off based on these comments but ended up using my 
normal settings during a sked tonight - I had no way of really measuring the 
compression settings other than I was using the monitor function.   So that 
seems fine.

I'm sure there will need to be some tweaks after such a major release but I am 
very pleased.

Tom Whiteside N5TW
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