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Re: [TenTec] Firmware update - Argo's turn!

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Firmware update - Argo's turn!
From: RaySoifer@cs.com
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Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 11:40:39 EST
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In a message dated 2/16/06 4:16:20 PM GMT Standard Time, wb8yqj@yahoo.com 
> I'd also like to see the 6db attenuation removed from
> the lower 500 cycles of the transmitted SSB signal, to
> make the radio sound the same on SSB as it does on AM
> or FM fone. 

I beg to differ, at least to the extent that I would like the audio response 
to be user-selectable.  Reducing the bass roll-off would adversely affect the 
radio's ability to get through DX pile-ups, and otherwise to be heard when the 
S/N ratio is low.  Some of us are DXers, not ragchewers!  (I prefer to do my 
ragchewing on CW, hi)

I have previously suggested this to ditsnbits.


Ray W2RS
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