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Subject: Re: [TenTec] 1220 2 meter rig for sale
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Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 20:52:35 EST
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I tend to disagree here. I started smoking at age 12 and quit at age 50 (  
hardest thing I ever did in my entire life.) so I have been a non smoker for 7  
I have repainted the walls  in the house 2 times now, and I am still  getting 
smoke bleed through.  I literally took a sponge floor mop and  bleach water 
to clean the walls in the house. I was smoking 5 to 6 packs a day  for the last 
20 years.
I got a small multi meter ( volt/ohm meter) in the mail a few days ago from  
Ebay.  the package was full of newspaper padding and you could smell the  
smoke on the newspaper, and on the meter, even after I wiped it down with a  
Clorox handi wipe, I guarantee the fellow I got it from smoked..
. Cigarette smokes sticks to every thing.  as an ex smoker I don't  preach or 
try to convince others.  I was spending about $600 a month for  smokes and 
now I spend about $600 a month on radios, it works for me..
But  I have stuff from 7 years ago, like an old suit coat, and some  other 
odds and ends, and you can still get a whiff of smoke from some of this  stuff.
they say there are over 1000 different chemicals in smoke and I smoked  
menthols which are even worse.   as a side note I can be following a  car down 
freeway and smell the smoke for cigarettes , pipes and cigars, at  60 MPH.  
any how enough on me and my bad habits. but yes cigarette smokes sticks to  
everything, is hard to get out of equipment, yellows faceplates, and gums up 
the  insides.  so it is a very real effect on any thing you buy, not just  tube 
by the way, my taste in food changed drastically, I breathe much better,  and 
after 7 years I am still clearing brown crap out of my lunges.. when I  
started smoking ( as a kid in Okinawa) the doctors said it was good for you to  
smoke.. ( early 60's) 
And now even though they know it kills you, they still sell them because  the 
government wants that $3.00 a pack in taxes that they can spend any way they  
want. free money for the politicians.  why would they take away their free  
money.  that's why you can still buy tobacco products..
but smoke does not just stick to tube radio parts.
tom N6AJR
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listacct@longwire.com writes:

Unless a  rig is a tube-type, whether it is owned by a smoker or 
non-smoker is a  moot point.

It's high voltage that attracts smoke particles into the  rig, same as 
with an "electrostatic precipitator" used in home  HVAC.

The only things left with high voltages are (vacuum tube)  amplifiers, 
and the occasional CRT-style computer monitor (which shouldn't  be used 
in an HF ham shack anyway due to RFI.) Anything else is not going  to be 
distinguishable as having been owned by a smoker or  non-smoker.

Kirk Braunius wrote:

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