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[TenTec] New OI software kudos

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Subject: [TenTec] New OI software kudos
From: K4IA@aol.com
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Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 22:28:51 EST
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I made the mod including the hardware mod and I am really impressed.   The 
sweep is fantastic.  Everything sounds great.  I worked 3Y0X   two more times.  
I am sure the new software was the secret ;-)  Life  is schweeeet.
I noticed the NR function has changed.  Before the higher the number  the 
quicker it acted but the final amount of noise attenuation was always the  
Now the higher the number the more the noise is attenuated.   Nice change.
Everything is faster - not just the sweep.  All the controls move  faster 
now.  No more spinning and spinning the knobs.  
I don't care if lowering the RF gain makes the S Meter go up.  I  thought it 
was supposed to do that.  It indicates minimum signal to get  through.  If I 
hear you and the meter is on S7 that's what you are.
There is a strange tinny artifact in the CW sidetone that makes the  
earphones ring like the old fashioned cans that used metal plates for  
diaphrams.  No 
other way to describe it.  I will count it as a  positive nostalgic feature.  
I don't do SSB so I can't comment on the processor and mike gain  issues.
Thank you TT - it was worth the wait.
K4ia  "Buck"
Fredericksburg, Virginia USA
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