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Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 07:44:28 EST
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In a message dated 2/17/06 2:44:24 AM US Mountain Standard Time,  
mike_n4nt@charter.net writes:

An SO3R  antenna solution...  Years ago, not knowing how to properly match 
all  3 elements of a cubical quad to one feedline, we used 3 separate 
feedlines  which terminated to a terminal strip.  We were able to use all 3  
elements at the same time with no interference between rigs.  That is  sorta 
cheap and dirty but worked really well for us.  Europe and the  USA were at 
the same azimuth from us.

Mike  N4NT

Mike is correct, this is not a real new method. Back in 1969, at  the 
WA8LYF/K8HLR (now K8LX and K8IA) Multi-Multi operation in MI we had two full  
quads. One of them was a conventional 4 element 10-15-20m affair  on a 80' 
tower. The other was a 10-15-20-40m quad ( 4 element 10 thru 20 and,  yes, the 
el 40m section was full-sized) on 120' tower. All seven elements were  
separately fed. 
There was some minor rx interactions but nothing that couldnt be  eliminated 
by coaxial stubs. Yes, stubs are another technology that goes  way back in 
time, since fancy bandpass filters werent generally  commercially available 
Of course, the receiver front ends of the  S-Lines, Drake Lines we used were 
significantly more robust than what  you find today.  

73, Bob  K8IA
nr The Superstition Mtns
Arizona, USA

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