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Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 14:14:07 -0600
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>I'm confused, isn't it also a natural tendency for
>those in the Ham Radio "hobby" to enjoy putting out a
>stronger signal. It sure sounds a lot better on the
>air. Where should we stop at maximizing QRO?  Should
>we change the numbers to 4,000 watts,  6,000 watts,
>hey, I'll bet 10,000 Watts would really give me a nice
>signal. Just think of my signal reports! Especially if
>I ran my audio at 6 MHZ wide, too. What about the
>silly Band limits? Oh baby, I love this hobby. (I
>agree Robert)

I am not sure it is "a natural tendency for those in the Ham Radio 'hobby' 
to putting out a stronger signal."  Maybe there is a desire to have a clean 
signal that is what the T is in RST.  Most amateur radio operators try and 
abide by Part 97 where it is stated that only use enough power to provide 
satisfactory communication.

I recall in the late 60s when CB was big, there seemed to be a lot of CBers 
who had this "more power syndrome"  (MPS).  A lot of these people have since 
become hams, and sometimes it shows.

73, Jim wd4air

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