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Subject: Re: [TenTec] O2_CW_SEND1_PROBLEM
From: Lin Davis <linbdavis@earthlink.net>
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Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2006 14:32:23 -0500
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I also have the white dot next to the STEP value on my Orion II (2.030) using 

I also have a rare problem with audio when selecting BinRX=Main (AUDIO Menu) 
is related to having NR and/or Notch on, as far as I can tell. With headphones, 
audio turns into very loud "digital" noise which varies in intensity with the 
sweep! When I pull the headphones plug out, the noise is present through the 


John Nason / NA9U wrote:

> I have Orion II with 2.030.  No white dot but yes I
> drop characters on SEND1, 2 and 3.  It is intermittent
> and I never know when its going to happen. Seems like
> the send buttons don't have a high enough priority to
> the processor.  
> 73,
> John NA9U
> --- George K <w2yj@highstream.net> wrote:
>>I do a lot of contesting and DX'ing and what I have
>>experienced with my new 
>>O2 and not with my O1 is that I have my call stored
>>in "SEND1". Every once 
>>in a while when I press send1 to send my call it
>>seems to miss the first few 
>>characters of my call and I must scramble to send it
>>by hand.
>>I upgraded the firmware to 2.030 and it still
>>Has anyone else experienced this?
>>Also, I noticed a small white dot just to the right
>>of the STEP number 
>>toward the right hand side of the digit. It may be a
>>small thing but does 
>>anyone else notice it? It takes a while when the
>>sweep is on to appear. Turn 
>>the rig off and back on and it's gone only to appear
>>a while later. Look 
>>closely at  the far right of the digit. It doesn't
>>seem to pop up when the 
>>sweep is off.
>>I noticed the same thing on the display O2 at
>>Orlando and mentioned it.
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