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Subject: Re: [TenTec] New Orion 2 manual
From: Sinisa Hristov <shristov@ptt.yu>
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Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2006 18:56:55 -0500
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There are "FREQUENCY STABILITY NOTES" added on page 6,
describing some abracadabra supposedly improving the
frequency stability to that of the TCXO. This is also
advertised on the Orion II web page as:

   "Mixing architecture for the analog stages has been rearranged
   to provide self-correction for frequency stability."

Does anybody actually understand what is this about,
i.e. what kind of Orion I problem does it solve?

Most of synthesized radios manufactured in past decades
derive all LOs from the single reference and therefore
they all have the stability equal to that of the reference,
regardless of the "mixing scheme" used.

Whatever the "mixing scheme", the frequency remains proportional
to the reference and the rig's relative stability (expressed in ppm)
is exactly that of the reference.

Orion I was NOT an exception in this respect (apart from unlocked codec clock).


Sinisa  YT1NT, VE3EA
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