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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Smoking
From: Ken Brown <ken.d.brown@verizon.net>
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Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2006 15:04:25 -1000
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Hi Ed,

There are probably many factors which determine the effects of smoking 
on a piece of electronic equipment. Some smokers have a cigarette in 
their hand at all times, including while they are manipulating the 
controls on the rig. Other smokers may keep their butts and ashtrays far 
from the rig and have good ventilation in the room while they are 
smoking. Temperature, humidity and the air flow around the rig all would 
likely make a difference too. It is conceivable that a tobacco tar 
coating might inhibit corrosion on some materials in some environments. 
Still I think that most non-smokers prefer a rig that hasn't been 
"treated" that way.

I have a Hammarlund Super-Pro BC-1004 which I thought had tobacco tar 
stains on it. I started to clean it off, and soon realized that what I 
was cleaning off was "MFP". Moisture Fungus Proofing. Fortunately I 
didn't remove much and the MFP treating done in 1945 is still keeping 
the radio in top shape.

>  Like new with no pitting.  When I was using that rig I smoked and so 
> it may be true about what the gent said about the coating.  Maybe also be a 
> dry climate of Utah. 

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