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Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 13:51:56 -0000
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"Scotch" is a drink.  The Scots are a proud nation.

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> True enough about S-meters historically being a relative indication. 
> There
> was a time in late 50's and early 60's when the "S-meter wars" started
> between the manufacturers, mostly Hallicrafters and Hammerlund.  On each
> successive model, they boosted the sensitivity so that if you did a
> side-by-side comparison, the radio showing the highest reading would be
> thought to be superior. The strategy worked for a while, until everybody 
> got
> wise!
> I  think that was about the time that the S-9 = uV, and 6 dB per S-unit
> standard got popular, and Collins stuck to it pretty rigorously.  They are
> still known as having "Scotch" (as in 'tight-fisted') meters.
> Obviously readings are relative since a receiver hooked to a dipole at 10'
> will read far less than one connected to a 6 over 6 over 6 array on a 180'
> tower.  The benefit of accurately calibrated meters are to help in antenna
> comparisons, getting a "ball-park" on F/B ratios, relative conditions
> between stations that talk on a regular basis (I do that on 75 all the
> time), comparing two stations in nearby locations, etc.  Both my KWM-380 
> and
> my TS-870 have S-meters that are remarkably accurate, although I 
> determined
> that the '380 uses a 5-dB/S-unit standard instead of 6.  The 870 has a
> menu-selectable option that automatically changes the S-meter reading to
> compensate for the preamp.
> It would be nice to have readings that correlate to a known standard in 
> the
> Orion.
> Ron

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