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From: "Thomas Tow" <ttow1@charter.net>
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Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 19:59:05 -0600
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Guys, I bought a tower and rotor from a guy who smoked like a smokestack. He
was retiring so he gave me a bunch of freebee stuff from his shack. I have
NEVER seen such a disgusting mess. I started with the rotor box and had to
use no less than half a roll of paper towels and 409 on it on the outside.
It was so bad I used some workshop plastic gloves to keep it off my hands.
The cords when sprayed..actually did have goop running down them onto the
newspaper on the floor..it looked like dripping spit from chewing tobacco
and it took many times before they were clean. The inside of the rotor box
dripped brown goo when I sprayed it out and cleaned it with de-oxit spray
and it took detailing brushes too thoroughly clean most if it.   The mic was
not usable. Old switchboxes, extra speakers...all of it...totally coated
with sticky brown tobacco goo. It took a LOT of work and a lot of spray
cleaner to clean this mess up and it was SO NASTY!!  Please no one tell me
that this smoke does not cover every thing in a smokers shack.  The sad
part..he was a really nice guy but his lungs are no doubt the same way....
but 409 won't clean them up.  
I am a Realtor and have had Buyer Clients walk in a smokers house and turn a
180 and leave. That gooey stench is in the ductwork, the carpets, and every
cranny of a home..you cannot get rid of it..Try going in an unoccupied
smokers home someone has for sale on a damp day...enough to make you heave.
Smells like a wet ashtray... Personally I always ask point blank if someone
smokes, but that is my prerogative since I choose not to spend my money on
such nasty equipment. 
For those here waiting on my Orion upgrade list ...I haven't forgotten you.
73, Tommy WD4K
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