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From: "Rob Atkinson, K5UJ" <k5uj@hotmail.com>
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Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 18:23:49 +0000
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All ideas on PTO maint. are always welcome.  this topic comes up about once 
every 12 months.  I owned a Corsair II and experienced the jerking of the 
pto on cw (beat note jumping around) but it wasn't so noticeable on ssb.   I 
took the cover off and looked at the pto to do a rebuild and immediately 
flashed back to an attempt years earlier on a curburator rebuild where I had 
more parts left at the end than I had at the beginning.   I put the cover 
back on and sent it to Ten Tec.  Back it came with the red gunk and no 
change in the pto herky jerky behavior on cw.   A friend advised lubing it 
with teflon gun grease, but at that point I decided I had a 17 or 18 year 
old rig on the skids, and the time had come to stick with shaft encoders and 
microprocessors.   As my part in helping the next generation along, I 
practically gave it away to a new ham who was short on cash and wanting to 
set up a HF station.   After all the times this topic has come up mentioning 
all these improved lubricants, I do not understand why Ten Tec continues to 
use the red junk that turns into tar.  Maybe they bought 5 tons of it at 
some point in the past.

rob / k5uj

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