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Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2006 19:35:43 -0600
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Dunno about that. My Ten Tec processor doesn't have to have a multi-thousand 
dollar radio attached to it. Works fine with the 544.

one watt all the time

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>The DSP speech processing is indeed RF and is done in software functionally
>after the balanced modulator but before the TX equalizer. As a result very
>impressive compression is achieved (I see average power jumping from about
>150 watts to over 800 watts at higher settings) without any artifacts or
>distortion. I measured a deliberate audio overdrive (red LED on constantly)
>and found that the junk and intermods you would expect are 60 dB down from
>full power output. Truly amazing performance. Nothing even close to this
>performance on the market.
>Forget any outboard speech compressor. It cannot even come close to the one
>built into the Orion II.
>73, Tom, W7QF 
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>> Can someone explain to me the type of speech compressor used 
>> in the Orion, and Orion II. The manual describes it as a RF 
>> compression type, but goes into no detail.
>> I have a TT 234 RF clipping compressor. Would it be 
>> beneficial to use this instead of the Orion compressor?
>> TNX
>> Paul N8NOV
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