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[TenTec] I needed to read the manual!

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Subject: [TenTec] I needed to read the manual!
From: "M. P. Haynes" <k4beh@juno.com>
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Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 11:41:20 -0500
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Hello everyone,

Before I download the first batch of messages for the day  and will
probably have many replies to my cry for help in changing the step size
on the Jupiter VFO, let me say I found and fixed the problem right after
I made the post last night.  I had mistakenly assumed that you set the
step size the same way you set other variable parameters, by selecting
the desired parameter and then turning the MULTI knob to select the
desired value or like the MENU function, by turning the main tuning knob.
 Like I used to tell the techs who would call me for assistance (GE
Mediical Systems region support engineer), "RTFM" which translated is
Read The F_______g Manual!  Amazingly when I did, the answer was right
there.  When I had the remote pod hooked up to the Jupe previously I
assumed that the MULTI knob didn't respond because it was hooked up.  We
live and learn......hopefully!  Thanks to all who may have sent me the
correct info.  Now to upload this and see how many did!


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