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[TenTec] Orion II Filter Scheme

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Subject: [TenTec] Orion II Filter Scheme
From: Bill Tippett <btippett@alum.mit.edu>
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Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 11:56:37 -0500
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 >I assume we will face the same problem using the
newer filters as well, needing to put them in
different slots??

         No Don.  The Orion II fixed the problem
by using all 4-pole filters, the same IF and
no following amplifier.  So they all should
be put into their "correct" positions.  The
Inrad 762 is a band-aid solution for Orion,
although it works very well and should have
identical front-end performance to the Orion II
using the TT 2001 600 Hz.  Will be interesting
to see ARRL's test of the O2 since IMD and BDR
at 1-2 kHz will give us another data point on
Orion with the 762.  Sherwood said 6-7 dB better
IMD at 2 kHz and ~10 dB better at 1 kHz spacings.
This implies 92-3 + 6-7 = 98-100 dB at 2 kHz
and 84 + ~10 = ~94 dB at 1 kHz.  No idea how much
BDR will improve since Sherwood did not check it.

                                         73,  Bill  W4ZV

P.S.  Filter>Auto will also work better in O2
since all filters are in the correct slots, so
the BW will switch at the right points.

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