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[TenTec] orion sweep mod, questions...

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Subject: [TenTec] orion sweep mod, questions...
From: "Ken Brookner" <kenb@brookner.com>
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Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 09:17:54 -0800
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first, i apologize if this shows up twice; i posted it last night but never
saw it appear on the list...

i have the original orion and i have installed the v2 beta firmware.  other
than some of the nits mentioned here, i have no major problems.  i do have
quite a bit of s-meter variance depending upon how my bandwidth is set.
that's definitely different than with the v1.372 i was running before.

last night i did the sweep mod.  pretty straightforward and the excellent
documentation from tentec leaves almost no room for error.  in my former
career i did this type of work all the time and this is a really simple

my problem is that though the sweep will now turn on under the v2 beta
firmware, all i see is noise.  i can tune across strong signals, but they do
not appear on the sweep.  i've done a master reset and regressed to the
1.372 firmware, also with a master reset (memories and filters too), but the
results are the same--sweep with only noise.

i've rechecked my mod and ohmed the trace cuts to insure that they are
really cut--they are.  i've rechecked and reseated all of the connectors
disconnected during the procedure.  

tentec service hasn't heard of this happening with the sweep mod before.

any ideas?

kenb ky5g

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