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Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 21:48:36 -0500
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When that has happened to me, it has been due to bad diodes in the ALC 
circuitry.  Those diodes are to generate the ALC voltage without which the 
power amplifier can oscillate and almost instantly draw excessive current.

Be really careful with that 252 power supply.  As originally made, they have 
no crowbar circuitry.  Thus if the pass transistor shorts, the supply will 
put 25 volts into the rig -- somewhat shortening the rig's life.  Ten-Tec, 
realizing the oversight, later sold an "Over Voltage Protection" circuit 
board, an OVP they called.  It was a small board, perhaps one by two inches 
and had an SCR, a zener diode and a fuse.  It mounted inside the rear panel 
of the supply.  I suggest you check there and see if it is present.  When 
installed, the large red wire to the supply's output comes from that small 
circuit board.  The OVP is no longer available from Ten-Tec but someone can 
surely send you the schematic.

Good luck with your Omni-D

73, Mike N4NT

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I am a new owner of a Omni D and when turn up the drive, it kicks the P/S
off, all help would be appricated
Ken N4ALP P/s the Ps is a 252 m 
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