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From: "Ron Castro" <ronc@sonic.net>
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Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 22:18:51 -0800
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Fellow Listees:

I have just completed an update to my web page that includes a great deal of 
information I have gleaned over the past three weeks of operating my Orion II.  
Included are my personal observations, details and pictures of the fan 
modification to reduce the warm-up drift, results of the S-Meter test, my 
"Orion II Wish List" of fixes, pictures of last year's office 
party....whoops--on second thought....


I would like to hear your reactions, on or off list as you please.  I will soon 
be sending in my wish list to Ten Tec, and I'll include other problems if they 
seem to need fixing enough!

Tnx & 73...
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