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Re: [TenTec] Newbie Orion questions

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Newbie Orion questions
From: "Grant Youngman" <nq5t@comcast.net>
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Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 01:20:02 -0600
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> I'm absolutely sure I'm going to sound like a moron, 

We were all morons once.  Most of still are, despite our opinions to the
contrary :-)

> 1) The VFO knobs don't spin... 

Hold the skirt in position, and rotate the knob.  If that doesn't work, you
can slide the rubber cover off the knob to get to the setscrew.  Loosen the
knob and position it on the shaft to get the "spin" you want.  Or remove it
completely, and you'll see the adjustment mechanism on the back.  Set it to
the center position, and then reinstall the knob so that the spin is about
where you want it.  The adjustment will then you give some fine control once
the knob is back in place.

> 2) I pressed "TUNE" and the word "TUNE" appears on the 
> display and an SWR appears on the display as 3.2 to 1 and 
> never changes. 

Enable the tuner in the TX menu.

>  Is there a way to adjust the overall 
> treble/bass-ness? 

Select the AUDIO menu with the button above the screen.  You that will then
see a RX Audio adjustment box on the right side of the screen.  Press that
button there (there will be a TX, MAIN and SUB selection) and use the MULTI
control to get it where you want it.

> For that reason, it's great on CW. A dead carrier gets 
> squelched after a second while the underlying CW sigs 

The Orion AN will take out a CW signal.  Use the Manual notch if you need a
notch on CW.

> just hope they don't throw me off the list for asking dumb 
> questions. 

If that were the case, NONE of us would be on the list ...

The most important thing to do is make a pot of coffee, sit down in front of
the radio, and read every word in the manual while trying everything on the
radio.  Twice, minimum  :-)


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