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Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 09:51:44 -0800
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I had mine shipped DHL two day air, which cost $90.00 but the box and
the Orion II both arrived IN PERFECT CONDITION.



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Thanks for the assurances, Larry, but my Orion box always came in
looking like John described ("dragged behind the truck")!!  I too wish
Ten Tec would at least consider an outside box OVER the original box.
Thank goodness for the false bottom they provide OR my original Orion
would have been history. 
Had a 2 x 2" hole punched right in the area that the false bottom
If the rig had been there, lotsa luck!  I had a friend shipping a foamed
in place Kenwood TL-922 amp, UPS damaged it heavily, and it took him
nearly 3 months to get any settlement, so glad you got yours quickly.
He found that UPS is self insured while he was fighting the mess.
73 all,
Don, WB5HAK 

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