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Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 23:26:10 +0000
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the comments about UPS and ten tec point to the fact that the packing is a 
key part of success in avoiding damage.   UPS can't be blamed all the time.  
  Ten Tec and other ham businesses do enough shipping to do the packing 
right.   Almost all of my damages have been the result of purchases from 
individuals who were clueless about packing.   Putting a heavy fragile 
instrument in a role of bubble wrap and single boxing doesn't get it.    Not 
too long ago I purchased an item from a business where they took the 
instrument in the mfr's store stocking box (not for shipping) and simply 
placed that in a much larger box with a slip of bubble wrap and shipped it 
that way with the mfr. boxed item loose inside.  It arrived with a control 
knob rubbing its f.p. seating and something inside the cabinet loose and 
rattling around.   I of course returned it for a refund at once.   Whoever 
packed it must have been on drugs.   That fortunately for me has been a very 
unusual experience and I've never had that happen with a ham vendor or 

rob / k5uj

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