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Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 20:16:45 -0600
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My work is with a research lab that has to ship electronic instruments by 
all means, to many domestic and foreign sites.

Once I remember having to ship a 280 pound tape recorder to "C/O Ramada Inn, 
such and such country"  --no street adr.  They had assured me they were the 
ONLY Ramada, and there was NO street!

Seriously, we always double boxed everything, and either used a minimum of 2 
inches of foam pads between the inner box and the outer box, or chemically 
foamed the inner box into the outer.  We would bag and seal the instrument 
inside the inner box.  Things like tubes that plugged in would have 
retainers fashioned, or be pulled and boxed and shipped in protective 
individual boxes or padded plastic for circuit cards.

We once had a commercial Transit case with one of the recorders packed in 
it; run through at the bottom of the case by the fork of a fork lift truck. 
At least that was the size of the hole cut.   The shipping co. bought us a 
new $1000 case.

Taking a photo of your packing is not a bad idea in case of claims.  We did 
that both before and after and it came in handy in those couple of 
misadventures.  Shipping each year half way around the world you sooner or 
later draw the short straw.

Be sure your boxes are rated for the weights you are packing.  Larger 
instruments and radios may require double walled boxes for safety.  Check 
with the U haul places.  They sell boxes and packing and padding and have 
lots of info on doing it right.


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