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[TenTec] Back from the future - Orion I

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Subject: [TenTec] Back from the future - Orion I
From: K4IA@aol.com
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Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2006 01:25:24 EST
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After playing with 2.054 I just went back and reloaded 1.371 available on  
Wow - Submitted for your consideration:
The NR works like it should.  Turn it on and things get quiet  instead of 
The Auto notch works - no more loud crackling noises when you turn it  on.
The SP works like it is supposed to - no more distortion
The RF gain has only a marginal effect on the incoming signal and no  effect 
on the S meter.  The official line was this was the way it was  supposed to 
be.  Remember the firestorm over how we were supposed to use  the AGC to 
substitute for the RF gain?
The sweep seems to be working just as well as it does under 2.054 (I did  the 
hardware mod).
I think I like it.  Maybe I will change my mind but I have come to  believe 
my intial reaction was wrong and 2.054 is not an improvement.
K4ia  "Buck"
Fredericksburg, Virginia USA
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