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Re: [Orion] Orion II Noise Blankers

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Subject: Re: [Orion] Orion II Noise Blankers
From: Ronald Gorski <R.Gorski@Astronautics.com>
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2006 10:05:12 -0600
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At 03:55 PM 2/24/06 -0500, BobK8IA@aol.com wrote:

>Both the hardware and software noise blankers in the Orion II dont  seem to
>be doing much, if anything. The digital NR certainly operates as I can  hear
>that one kick in.
>I did a master reset and no difference.
>Anyone else notice my problem?
>73, Bob  K8IA
For me, the hardware NB works somewhat but the s/w NB does nothing. As I 
mentioned in a previous thread, the NR produces audio distortion.
Ron N9AU

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