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Re: [TenTec] Jupiter II anybody?

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Jupiter II anybody?
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Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2006 16:16:29 -0600
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I would like Ten Tec to continue development with the ORION series and
believe it is "modern" and "user friendly" today in terms of setting it
up and operating.  As reported in other threads, some are seeing
operation problems with specific modes and configurations.  I don't
equate those problems as "user friendliness" issues but rather technical
issues with resolution in-work.  As with any top-of-the-line product,
lessons learned and such, will often work their way down as enhancements
and/or upgrades to other model lines that improve their respective
operation and utility.  

My first rig and now 2nd radio in the shack is a TS-850AT.  I have never
used an OMNI VI or "PLUS" or other TT rig so I can't really say that the
ORION is more or any less user friendly than earlier TT rigs but it
isn't any more of a challenge than operating my TS850 correctly.

>From the respect of a "user friendly rig" I don't feel that the ORION is
too ambitious.  I consider myself average, and believe the radio can be
operated by most average operators that have an ability to comprehend
what they are reading and go to the radio menu and duplicate it.  You do
have to listen to the feedback (informational) the radio is giving you
in your ears when tweaking several parameters in the menu for a specific
signal or condition.  My personal operating preference is to be able to
exercise that control myself as needed for varying conditions.  At the
end of the day, and once you have the radio initially set up for a
preferred operating style, there are not a whole lot of additional
controls or menu interaction to change for varying signal activity.  I
set up my receiver sensitivity initially when I turn the radio on or
change bands and after that really only need to touch the RF Gain,
filters, DSP BW, slope or PBT based upon adjacent frequency activity or
changing conditions.  To me this is normal operating.  I have been using
my ORION for one year now, and am currently running version 1.372 by
choice.  I DX and contest and could live with this release for sometime.

Curious as to what rig you are currently using for comparison to the
ORION with respect to user friendliness?  Are you also an ORION user?

Steve - W5JK

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How many feel that the Orion series is just too ambitious and  will
turn out to be a really user friendly rig for the  average ham, no
matter how 
many revisions are made?
How many would like to see TT come out with something  modern having the

"feel" of an OMNI VI, but with an  Rx like the Orion II main?  Possibly
an updated 
Maybe somebody from TT will respond to this too?
Bill  K3UJ

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