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From: "Rob Atkinson, K5UJ" <k5uj@hotmail.com>
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Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 02:07:25 +0000
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I've had things like this happen to me too. you have to consider how you are measuring ur peak power. You absolutely have to have a fast enough instrument to capture the peaks. The LED watt bar on the f.p. of the Centurion is pretty fast; but in SSB it isn't always quite fast enough for the 1.2 kw LED segment to energize to show what it's really putting out. the 1000D probably appears to get more out of the C simply because it has the 200 w. PA and you may be hitting the C with a bit more from the D, maybe 115 w. pep so ur LED meter on the C is popping up higher but you don't realize the D is putting out more than 100 w. because I think it's f.p. meter is electromechanical and probably an average power meter. Also, if the C input is say, around 1.5:1 the Orion II may be folding back (I don't know if it does with that vswr or not but some rigs do) however the D, again with the 200 w. PA can fold back too, but it has so much power in reserve, even with a vswr foldback it can still put out enough watts to drive the C higher.

Let's say you have an exciter with a peak hold meter in it, or a peak watt meter between it and the C or a scope on the exciter output. If you tx a cw signal to the Centurion and get 1.2 kw with for example 100 watts from the exciter, I can guarantee you that when you op SSB, if you see 100 w. peaks on your measuring device you will be getting 1.2 kw from the C regardless of what its LED watt bar tells you. I always look at the peak hold meter on my exciter and ignore the LED bar on the C (except when I'm tuning it up with a string of dits). hpe this helps

rob / k5uj

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