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Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 09:02:44 -0800
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Greg, you didn't give us much indication of what you want to know!

I can only say that I love my Jupiter.  Probably the most fun, easy to use
radio I have ever owned or operated.  Of course this is not very useful
unless you know what I've owned!

Well I've had about every Ten-Tec ever produced since the Argonaut 505, but
I never had a Paragon nor an Orion II.  Had everything else.

Being active in a very large contest team (BCC), I've had the chance to
operate most radios ever built.

However, the Jupiter is not the radio of choice in a contest - at least not
here in Europe.  The Omni VI+ will run circles around it in a contest.

But for day to day haming, rag chewing, and SWL, etc., I prefer the Jupiter.
I especially enjoy using it with N4PY's control software.

Hope this helps.


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I continue to have a blast with my Argonaut V AND I also obtained a gorgeous
Omni VI+ about a week and a half ago.  I am, again, rebuilding my Ten-Tec
radio station.  And, goodness gracious I missed that Omni VI+.  That became
very obvious after using it for just a few hours the day I got it.  Thanks,
Scott, for the great Omni VI+.
So, I am now binging, again, on Ten-Tec after a few years of only being an
occasional operator due to other pressing matters.
I am being pulled to the Jupiter based upon the several that I have heard
and worked on the air.  The Jupiter would "round out" my Ten-Tec station and
after so many years and updates, I would imagine (hope) that most of the
'nasty' bugs are gone.  I am going to sell my Icom 746 (not the Pro but the
original 746).  I would rather have a Jupiter and a Ten-Tec of the same
genre of the 746 due to the excellent support I have received from Ten-Tec
over the many years I owned Ten-Ten equipment.
I have carefully searched the archives of this list and read a lot about the
Jupiter but much of it is (may be) somewhat dated. I am aware of the fact
that I should add an AirPax breaker like I have on my Omni VI+ (I already
have a spare) and am aware that there were some RFI problems with earlier
models (not sure if it was the radio or the environment it was in).
I look forward to your comments -- I wish I could afford an Orion but
decided I could get the Argo V, the Omni VI+ and a Jupiter for the price of
the Orion and I have a definite need for a small 20W transceiver and missed
my Omni VI+ so much I cannot describe.  So, that leads me to the Jupiter.
The ones I have heard on the air sound great and the owners loved them.
But, I turn to the Oracle of Delphi now -- this group  -- since there is
likely no better versed group on Ten-Tec equipment (and most other ham radio
issues).  At least that has been my experience from years ago and, again, of
late since I rejoined the group.
I thank you.
Greg K2UM
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