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Re: [TenTec] Jupiter or not -- Thanks Rick

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Jupiter or not -- Thanks Rick
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Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 15:43:12 -0500
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First I am not a contester and no longer a super active Dx'er (you can read my 
bio on QRZ.com).  Rather I am just, again, having fun with no particular goals 
other than to experiment with antennas (home designed and built) and have some 
good radios to put at the end of those wires and tubing.  I got my Omni VI+ 
again ( had Corsairs, Omnis and Scouts for years as well Hercs, tuners and rack 
mounts by Ten-Tec.  I served as a beta tester for the Omni VI+.  But, based 
upon these experiences I developed a 'taste' for good solid receivers with good 
filtering, excellent QSK, excellent service and something that is not recently 
introduced due to the old 'bugs need to be sorted out' problems.  
So, now my operating on CW and SSB is for fun --- chatting a bit and getting to 
know people and learning more than "You're 59 or 5NN" plus 'chasing Dx for the 
fun of it' after confirming well over 310 on both CW and SBB on five bands.  
I've entered a new stage of operating.  But, I still want good ears, nice QSK, 
and excellent filtering.  The Omni VI+ is my main radio.  I am looking for 
something to replace the 746 after having to hassle foreign manufacturer's 
reapair facilities but never having to hassle Ten-Tecs. Although, I must say my 
746 hs been trouble free.   Plus, Jack and I went to the same university and 
both majored in engineering!  We are not contemporaries -- that was more tongue 
in cheek despite the fact it is true. 
So, I am looking for a good backup to the Omni VI+ without it having to be an 
Omni VI+ but has a good front end, excellent QSK, good filtering, can hear well 
but not necessarily find the Goldfish in the sharks' tank, is backed by good 
service and has no known major problems that have not been rectified.  I am 
concerned about what I read about some RFI problems with the Jupiter due to it 
being in a plastic cabinet.  However, I am one who puts ferrite chokes on 
everything into every radio all the time as a result of my experiences of 
running QRO with multiple antennas and all sorts of interconnections between 
everything in my radio room.
 I have essentially two stations -- the one here at home and one in Maine where 
we split our time.  Winters are here in Virginia.  So, for Maine, it is the SGC 
2020 (which has been through hell and back in my Super Cub on floats -- it 
ain't the best radio but it does not draw much power and does a good enough job 
for entertainment at night and as a backup emergency radio).  It is field tough 
and small and draws little current despite that fact that we have Honda Eu 
1000s available in most places I fly into ( I do a lot of expedition ferrying) 
-- depending upon my gross weight (plane and baggage, fuel and people) I 
sometimes take the 897D (with the 100W option available -- important on this 
solar cycle downside) and will likely field test the Argo V this summer as 
well.  The Jupiter caught my ear and 'eye' based upon what I heard from 
Jupiters on the air. 
I appreciate your comments and hope this clarification helps.  I would also 
like to thank those of you who reponded to me privately via email.
Greg K2UM
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