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Subject: Re: [TenTec] [Orion] Orion II Noise Blankers
From: "Martin, AA6E" <martin.ewing@gmail.com>
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Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 20:04:41 -0500
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How about actual documentation of the DSP algorithms, for everyone who
is interested?  Doug Smith wrote up a bunch of this at the beginning
(http://www.doug-smith.net/downloads.htm), but there hasn't been much
since.  We shouldn't have to guess how NR, NB, AGC or SP actually

73 Martin AA6E

On 2/26/06, Lin Davis <linbdavis@earthlink.net> wrote:
> I would absolutely *love* to sit down with the software team and talk about 
> all
> the DSP code modules they used or came up with on their own. For that matter,
> the hardware team too!
> So Gary is a good contact man? I'll try to reach him tomorrow. Thanks for the
> advice.
> Best to you,
> Lin
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