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[TenTec] More help needed on Shure 450

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Subject: [TenTec] More help needed on Shure 450
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Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2006 10:00:45 EDT
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Thanks to all who replied.
I found information on Shure web site but need more information.
Seems from what I can get from the web site that the color code is as  
White = mic
Green = ground    
Shield = should go to same pin on OMNI V as green wire.
This leaves two wires:
Red and Black.
Shure says that the Red and Black wires control an external  relay.
Seems they are to activate the OMNI V relay and one of them should go to  pin 
#3 on the OMNI V.
Question is which one?
So, from what I can tell here is the way plug to OMNI V should be  wired.
White = mic to pin #1
Green and Shield = to pin #2
But which one, Red or Black should I connect to PTT or pin #3 on the OMNI  V? 
I may be over looking something on the web page but I do not see an  
explanation of which wire to connect for relay trip.
Or, when to use one over the other.
Thanks as always,
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