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[TenTec] Lousy eHam Review?

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Subject: [TenTec] Lousy eHam Review?
From: John Rippey <jrippey@3n.net>
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Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2006 09:27:15 -0700
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I enjoyed reading Jerry Volpe's comments re the Jupiter. I own one,  
an OMNI VI (Opt 3), Mark V Field, and an Argosy 525 (don't laugh!).

Of these rigs, I enjoy using the Jupiter the most because of the  
ergonomics and, frankly, its appearance. (Using the Argosy is a  
hoot.) Whoever designed the Jupiter's front panel did some very  
careful calibrating of how to make the Jupiter both attractive and  
user-friendly. Added to that is the very handy accessory keypad. The  
fact that the front end crumbles in a contest means that it cannot be  
one's contest rig. But it can serve very well in many (CW)  
environments. My druthers would be to have the OMNI VI's receiver  
performance in the Jupiter, but alas . . .

In fact, a number of previous posters over the last several years  
have expressed an interest in Ten-Tec's producing something between  
the Jupiter and Orion in performance, but Scott Robbins' replies have  
thrown cold water on the suggestions. So Jerry probably is right,  
that Ten-Tec's technical staff is just not up to the task of  
producing anything new when the ORION is taking up the bulk of their  
time--and I'm sure there are financial considerations at work as  
well. Unfortunately, as time goes by the Jupiter and Argonaut V will  
seem less and less competitive in the marketplace. For better or  
worse, Ten-Tec's management seems to have staked the company's future  
on the ORION.

This is a great reflector.

John, W3ULS
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