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"I believe he also intimated that two of his "friends" tried Orion's and 
couldn't make them work, either.  "
 "Birds of a feather flock together... William Chaucer
  When I bought my FT100 in August of 99, it was out since April of 99.. 
Figuring the bugs would have shown by then, I dove in. Anyway, I soon found out 
that there were problems and slowly the solutions were arriving, but not too 
many comments or upgrade offers from Yaesu. In fact they were pretty quiet 
about the whole thing and simply sold one defective radio after another and 
modded them upon return.. It got so bad, that the turn around was 3 months at 
one time.
 It had muffled audio,ran hot on rx and tx, rx degradation, never was happy 
with any match, hi swr icon was on as soon as the TX light came on, rf issues 
etc..  I then upgraded the rig with all of the mods for the rf issues,fans etc, 
came out with one of my own for the mic and took the opportunity to add in the 
filters,tcxo and tone decode board. I then began to try to educate those in the 
same boat and that Yaesu was sticking their heads in the sand on the issues. I 
was met with such resistance by those who didnt YET have the problems or were 
just too plain dumb to notice..  The same people met with fate sometime down 
the road when the finals would fail from the abuse and then they would cry like 
babies.. The joke was on them for not listening...
  I will say this, after the mods were completed, I worked thousands of 
contacts while mobile and it ran cool, rx was the best I've ever heard, tx 
audio was fantastic.. A true diamond in the rough and I am not sore one bit 
that I had to spend 3 hours on a 1300 dollar radio to make it right. In fact I 
never had any final problems nor any failures. But I was thrilled as the 
Naysayers dropped like flies..
I can believe that TT or any other company can produce a lemon from time to 
time and that some radios never work right. It can happen.
  If you are going to comment on a particular rig though, your review would be 
much more acceptable if it provided proof or examples of what you experienced 
and it makes you much more credible if you do it in an acceptable fashion, 
otherwise you will be marginalized.. 
My experience above was typical of most who purchased the FT100, but I took the 
time out to fix it as opposed to complaining about it as Yaesu appeared to be 
less of a help than just taking matters into my own hands. Richy N2ZD
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