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Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2006 08:58:47 -0700
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Scott:  That is good news that the development of v. 2 is continuing on the 
Orion and Orion II.  I'm sure all on the list would agree that we would like 
to see some sort of listing on the TT website of the known issues that are 
being worked on, or even an occasional update e-mail here on the list.  It 
would quell a lot of dissent put the product in a more positive light.

The big issues that still need to be addressed are:
    1).    Auto and Manual notch not in AGC loop.  Specs on the TT website 
specifically says it is in the loop.
    2).    Better noise reduction scheme.
    3).    Crazy S-meter. (I know that 15 MHz WWV can't possibly be S9+60 dB 
with the preamp off near San Francisco!  That's 50,000 uV or 50 mV.  Same 
readings on hams with inverted V's and 500 Watts 200 miles away on 75 
    4).    Fix offset between main and sub receivers when set to same 
frequency. Offset calibration in menu needed as well one to allow 'zeroing' 
on WWV.

Is TT working on the AGC as mentioned by Bob Sherwood?  Adjustable attack 
time would fix the problem he mentioned.


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> John Rippey wrote:
>> In fact, a number of previous posters over the last several years
>> have expressed an interest in Ten-Tec's producing something between
>> the Jupiter and Orion in performance, but Scott Robbins' replies have
>> thrown cold water on the suggestions.
> Alas - if only we could come out with a new rig yearly!  We're still
> working on new equipment for Amateur Radio, just nothing yet to
> announce.  We have a lot going on between the Orion/Orion II firmware,
> work on the RX-400 and some other projects.
> Hope to see some of you at the Boxboro hamfest in Mass. the last weekend
> of August.
> Scott Robbins
> W4PA
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