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From: "Ron Castro" <ronc@sonic.net>
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Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2006 12:22:27 -0700
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Thanks much for the update...it is greatly appreciated!


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> Ron:
> We're aware of the concerns about firmware.  We discuss these items
> often - it was the first topic of conversation when I came in to work
> this morning.   The only specific comment I'd make now on the 4 items
> below is that #4 is the design of the Orion and Orion II - the receivers
> are not phase-locked together.  There is no firmware change available to
> alter this.
> Rob Sherwood has been talking back and forth with us often about the
> direction of the Orion and we provided some alternate beta firmware for
> him to use per his suggestions.
> Scott Robbins
> W4PA
> Ron Castro wrote:
>> The big issues that still need to be addressed are:
>>     1).    Auto and Manual notch not in AGC loop.  Specs on the TT 
>> website
>> specifically says it is in the loop.
>>     2).    Better noise reduction scheme.
>>     3).    Crazy S-meter. (I know that 15 MHz WWV can't possibly be S9+60 
>> dB
>> with the preamp off near San Francisco!  That's 50,000 uV or 50 mV.  Same
>> readings on hams with inverted V's and 500 Watts 200 miles away on 75
>> meters)
>>     4).    Fix offset between main and sub receivers when set to same
>> frequency. Offset calibration in menu needed as well one to allow 
>> 'zeroing'
>> on WWV.
>> Is TT working on the AGC as mentioned by Bob Sherwood?  Adjustable attack
>> time would fix the problem he mentioned.
>> Ron N6AHA
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