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Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2006 20:44:14 EDT
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Hi, Scott. I have been licensed since 1949 and over the years I have had  
occasion to call a manufacturer help desk. Until TT, the last satisfactory  
exchange was with Heathkit; they left out a .01 Ufd capacitor from my AT-1 kit. 
Since then, as a result of communications with the Kenwood service folks, I  
have taken a blood oath to never, ever spend on more penny on a Kenwood 
device.  The jury is still out on Yaesu, but it is not looking good.
I have had an Orion and now have the Orion II. I also have the Titan III. I  
have had a few problems with both. But, this is high tec/hi power gear. And, I 
 have talked with you, Stan, John, and Paul. I cannot begin to tell you how 
much  I appreciate the "hand holding."
In addition, the very act of you submitting yourself to this forum and  
actually participating in the dialogue says to me, at least, you guys belong to 
the same ham community I have belonged to for the last 57 years. You have my  
most heartfelt gratitude for being a "stand up" group of honorable men who also 
sell ham stuff.
Stay strong and don't let the no loads grind you down. 
David  w8udx
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