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Subject: [TenTec] SDR-1000
From: "Douglas Shock" <douglas.shock@gmail.com>
Reply-to: Discussion of Ten-Tec Equipment <tentec@contesting.com>
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 19:25:01 -0600
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I am going to call it what it is...so if you are offended...get over it. I
still love my Orion II and you can't have it. I am just growing a bit tired
of hopeful wishing that it will become what it is advertised as being.

I have spent the last few days reading tons of stuff on the Flex Radio
SDR-1000. These guys really have their act together.

I loved the release notes. They state what the bug was...who reported...who
fixed fixed it...how it was fixed and so on.

You can log into your account and get status on bugs you have submitted.
AMAZING concept.

It beats calling into Tentec and talking to a particular PM bringing up
points that have been covered on this site and all he says is he doesn't pay
attention to this reflector. If he is reading this I hope he remembers that
call because I felt pretty darn slided after that remark which I softened up
for this E-mail.

Then dealing with tentec support on the Orion and Orion II. I complained for
the longest time about the horrible static in my headset after an upgrade to
2.034. I can't count the times I was told by tentec that it was my
headphones. It turns out that it was the line-level output being set to high
or medium that caused the static/popping or whatever you want to call it
into my headset. Set the line level output to low and problem went away.
Still confused on that relationship. So the lectures of using the good old
fashion communication headsets of the WWII days were reasonably pointless.

The release notes or nothing short of pathetic. I just love the 2 or 3
bullets on fixes when in the background a ton of stuff happened. Perhaps the
reflector has been slow because people are just sick of the same ol'
response of...well it works here, not sure what your problem is. For God
Sakes TenTec...tell us what is going on with your fixes on the NR and notch.
Let us in on the AGC rethink and the smeter response. You got a great
product in the works...now finish the damn job.

I really enjoy my Orion II but this piss poor release schedule, failure to
keep us posted on what's being addressed and so on has me pretty bent after
reading how well the flex project is going. My heart goes out to the Orion I
owners who got handed crap with v2. So I guess when the Orion III comes out
then I will be in the same boat.

This is a great rig that can be even better. There are some pretty technical
folks here like Grant and and a few (many others ) that impress the hell out
of me for being more than just appliance operators. and they just seem to be
ignored. Great...so the Orion II bumped the Drake off the close order IMD
chart of Sherwood's as being number one. Now lets get everything else
working TenTec!

There...I have been wanting to say this for 6 months and now it is off my

And I don't care if this offended anyone because it was my money spent on
marketing hype...not yours! and if you don't agree that there are still
issues with the Orion then you don't know how to use your radio and would
have been better off with the IC-7800.

Doug / K0ZU
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