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Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 21:21:12 -0500
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Exactly the reasons I have not bought an Orion. What an outfit. They seem 

Steve  wd0ct

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From: "Douglas Shock" <douglas.shock@gmail.com>
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Sent: Tuesday, July 11, 2006 8:25 PM
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>I am going to call it what it is...so if you are offended...get over it. I
> still love my Orion II and you can't have it. I am just growing a bit tired
> of hopeful wishing that it will become what it is advertised as being.
> I have spent the last few days reading tons of stuff on the Flex Radio
> SDR-1000. These guys really have their act together.
> I loved the release notes. They state what the bug was...who reported...who
> fixed fixed it...how it was fixed and so on.
> You can log into your account and get status on bugs you have submitted.
> AMAZING concept.
> It beats calling into Tentec and talking to a particular PM bringing up
> points that have been covered on this site and all he says is he doesn't pay
> attention to this reflector. If he is reading this I hope he remembers that
> call because I felt pretty darn slided after that remark which I softened up
> for this E-mail.
> Then dealing with tentec support on the Orion and Orion II. I complained for
> the longest time about the horrible static in my headset after an upgrade to
> 2.034. I can't count the times I was told by tentec that it was my
> headphones. It turns out that it was the line-level output being set to high
> or medium that caused the static/popping or whatever you want to call it
> into my headset. Set the line level output to low and problem went away.
> Still confused on that relationship. So the lectures of using the good old
> fashion communication headsets of the WWII days were reasonably pointless.
> The release notes or nothing short of pathetic. I just love the 2 or 3
> bullets on fixes when in the background a ton of stuff happened. Perhaps the
> reflector has been slow because people are just sick of the same ol'
> response of...well it works here, not sure what your problem is. For God
> Sakes TenTec...tell us what is going on with your fixes on the NR and notch.
> Let us in on the AGC rethink and the smeter response. You got a great
> product in the works...now finish the damn job.
> I really enjoy my Orion II but this piss poor release schedule, failure to
> keep us posted on what's being addressed and so on has me pretty bent after
> reading how well the flex project is going. My heart goes out to the Orion I
> owners who got handed crap with v2. So I guess when the Orion III comes out
> then I will be in the same boat.
> This is a great rig that can be even better. There are some pretty technical
> folks here like Grant and and a few (many others ) that impress the hell out
> of me for being more than just appliance operators. and they just seem to be
> ignored. Great...so the Orion II bumped the Drake off the close order IMD
> chart of Sherwood's as being number one. Now lets get everything else
> working TenTec!
> There...I have been wanting to say this for 6 months and now it is off my
> chest!
> And I don't care if this offended anyone because it was my money spent on
> marketing hype...not yours! and if you don't agree that there are still
> issues with the Orion then you don't know how to use your radio and would
> have been better off with the IC-7800.
> Doug / K0ZU
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