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[TenTec] Finally, another new Orion owner,despite the best and worst eff

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Subject: [TenTec] Finally, another new Orion owner,despite the best and worst efforts of many
From: Jerry Volpe <kg6tt@arrl.net>
Reply-to: kg6tt@arrl.net,Discussion of Ten-Tec Equipment <tentec@contesting.com>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 09:22:02 -0700
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OK, I am a new 'used' Orion owner. First of all thanks to all of you who 
had to have the latest and greatest with the color display, etc. If it 
hadn't been for you trading in your outdated original Orions I probably 
wouldn't have been able to afford the really nice Orion Ten-Tec is 
sending me. :)

I just wish that more of the Orion content on this reflector fell into 
the category of 'useful' information, tips, techniques, processes, etc. 
(hint, hint). On the other hand it seems like there are a lot of  
threads of  love/hate Orion, love/hate Ten-Tec.... and these seem rather 
self serving and pointless (at least to me) and frankly they do little 
to enhance the joy of being an Orion owner. I think the banter just 
muddies the waters.

Imagine yourself in a movie theatre trying to enjoy a new feature film 
when suddenly someone gets up a shouts... "lousy film!, the theatre down 
the street has a better one!" and then someone else retorts "No, you 
don't get it... you wouldn't know a good film if you fell into it!" and 
this back and forth banter goes on and on and on.... Guess what? Those 
who came in to simply watch the film and have their own personal 
experience doing so eventually get tired of this background 'noise' and 
we either become a part of the problem ourselves or we get up and walk 
out. I wonder how many like myself hesitated moving to an Orion because 
of this reflector? Maybe never even try one? Frankly, had it not been 
for the fact that my friend bought an Orion some time ago and that I 
have had an opportunity to actually use one, I don't think I would have 
ever taken the plunge myself. I certainly hesitated a long time.

Fortunately I learned the secret last year that has minimized the effect 
of the 'theatre talkers'... I switched to the reflector's Digest mode so 
I can quickly scan the subject headings and focus on reading the 
non-Orion content as that typically seems helpful in nature and very 
useful to me. Maybe someday, when the Orion is no longer in the 
spotlight the debaters will have moved onto something else and the rest 
of us can relax and simply enjoy our Orions.


Jerry, KG6TT
Fairfield, CA

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