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Subject: Re: [TenTec] SDR-1000
From: William Evans <w4ish@hughes.net>
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Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 12:31:33 -0400
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> Anyway, I am curious how many would-be Orion buyers have been put  
> off by
> the Orion firmware history.  TT should be curious, too.
> 73 Martin AA6E

I have been a member of this and the orion listserve on and off for  
four or more years, dreaming of the day when I could afford an ORION.  
I am a TT aficionado, having owned TT since the PM1 (PM1, Triton IV,  
OMNI D, OMNI D Series C, Corsair, and most recently, the OMNI VI opt.  
1 and Herc II amp -- also, lots of kits, accessories, etc).

Even though I have seen the kind of nit-picking and complaints that  
occur on this reflector, I have still desired the ORION.  That is,  
until recently.  Although the ORION II is the best "bang for the  
buck" receiver in the world, the firmware problems are beginning to  
tarnish its reputation.  I work with software in many other fields,  
and the time span between major upgrades to the firmware seems  
excessively long (compared to most responsive companies... there are  
some who are much worse than TT, and they, too, have seen other  
companies go around them in the race for features, ease of use, etc.)

I believe that TT needs to make some important decisions concerning  
their ability/desire to continue with the products in the direction  
they are going.  Let's face it, the ORION is not the largest money- 
maker for TT, and thus it is not the most important item they  
produce.  Do they have the enthusiasm of a company like Flex Radio?   
I don't believe so.  Yes, they are dedicated, and yes, they do work  
hard to do what they do, but no matter how loyal you may be or hard  
you may work, someone else can and will make a better product!

With that said, Let me also ask this:  Why the competition or the  
discussions comparing one radio with another?  (Yeah, yeah, I know,  
for sales purposes...) I've always discovered that you don't have to  
be first to be the best you can be.  And what you do may be only a  
niche in the market, but simply do the best you can... If this means  
you go out and hire someone who knows more than you do to write and  
support the software, then so be it.  But if you are not willing to  
do that, then do what you can do, and do it well.  TT lives up to  
that part.  They may be weak in the software development and/or  
customer communication, but that will take money and those with  
different abilities than the wonderful crew at TT.  Instead of  
complaining, why not offer to help?  If anyone has a skill in  
personal communication (as Hams we should know SOMETHING about  
communication!) or software development using the processors in the  
ORION and the language in which they are written, then offer your  
services to TT.

I will also note that with all that has been said on this reflector,  
I am giving serious consideration to other brands of radios... none  
have it all together as TT, but they are catching up quickly, and  
have surpassed TT in some areas.  Meanwhile, I will save my money a  
little longer (I don't yet have enough to purchase an ORION, but I  
would have if I had that much! -- some of us occasionally run into  
monetary slowdowns such as accidents, lay-offs, economic reversals,  
etc.  -- that take priority!) And I read the comments... although I  
have little to contribute, nor am I as knowledgeable about  
electronics as many of you, I still enjoy Amateur Radio.

73 Bill W4ISH
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