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[TenTec] REALLY! How to Fix the Orion

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Subject: [TenTec] REALLY! How to Fix the Orion
From: Craig Roberts <crgrbrts@verizon.net>
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Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 14:29:02 -0400
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What Ten Tec needs to do to create a much sought-after, beloved, 
insanely expensive (okay -- even more insanely expensive) "instant 
classic" Orion is go out of business!

This company failure can be easily orchestrated without a casualty.  
Here's how in three month increments:

1.  Stage a "downsizing".  Annouce via press releases that offshore 
economic pressures necessitate a cutback in staff.  However, don't 
actually "furlough" anyone.  In fact, secretly increase work hours 
dramatically and build Orions like crazy.  Don't even think about 
firmware upgrades and such nonsense, just build boxes by the ton.  
You're in rural Tennessee, for pity's sake. No one will notice --or tell.

2. Announce a distressing fall in third-quarter profits, blaming unfair 
foreign competition and Asian "slave labor" practices.

3.  Shut down the plant.  Sell the surplus Orion units to as many 
distributors as possible -- just a handful to each.

4. Go home and rest for one year, living off the overtime earnings just 

Within a few months of factory closure, the Orion will join the ranks of 
the fabled rigs of yore that command prices several times their original 
price and worth.  As the Orion stock depletes, the demand will become 
more and more frantic with prices skyrocketing.  A legend will be born 
about "the best radio ever built" and Ten Tec -- the now mythical 
"little company that tried" -- will become a sentimental, fondly 
remembered cult favorite within the ham community.

After one year, stage a "former employee buyout" of the old Ten Tec 
plant, tooling and capital assets. This will generate tremendous 
sympathetic interest in the
"new" Ten Tec and it can then resume business as usual. 





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