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Re: [TenTec] REALLY! How to Fix the Orion

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] REALLY! How to Fix the Orion
From: "steve moore" <hondo1@kitusa.com>
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Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 14:40:14 -0500
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Hilarious! Good stuff.

Steve  wd0ct

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From: "Craig Roberts" <crgrbrts@verizon.net>
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Subject: [TenTec] REALLY! How to Fix the Orion

> Marketing!
> What Ten Tec needs to do to create a much sought-after, beloved, 
> insanely expensive (okay -- even more insanely expensive) "instant 
> classic" Orion is go out of business!
> This company failure can be easily orchestrated without a casualty.  
> Here's how in three month increments:
> 1.  Stage a "downsizing".  Annouce via press releases that offshore 
> economic pressures necessitate a cutback in staff.  However, don't 
> actually "furlough" anyone.  In fact, secretly increase work hours 
> dramatically and build Orions like crazy.  Don't even think about 
> firmware upgrades and such nonsense, just build boxes by the ton.  
> You're in rural Tennessee, for pity's sake. No one will notice --or tell.
> 2. Announce a distressing fall in third-quarter profits, blaming unfair 
> foreign competition and Asian "slave labor" practices.
> 3.  Shut down the plant.  Sell the surplus Orion units to as many 
> distributors as possible -- just a handful to each.
> 4. Go home and rest for one year, living off the overtime earnings just 
> generated.
> Within a few months of factory closure, the Orion will join the ranks of 
> the fabled rigs of yore that command prices several times their original 
> price and worth.  As the Orion stock depletes, the demand will become 
> more and more frantic with prices skyrocketing.  A legend will be born 
> about "the best radio ever built" and Ten Tec -- the now mythical 
> "little company that tried" -- will become a sentimental, fondly 
> remembered cult favorite within the ham community.
> After one year, stage a "former employee buyout" of the old Ten Tec 
> plant, tooling and capital assets. This will generate tremendous 
> sympathetic interest in the
> "new" Ten Tec and it can then resume business as usual. 
> Simple.
> 73,
> Craig
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