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Subject: Re: [TenTec] SDR-1000
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Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 17:11:53 EDT
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wel folks, I fixed a problem with my mic and all my scratchies went  away.  I 
am using 2.056 on original Orion and it is working quite nicely ,  thank you. 
 I do so love to see folks who don't own the  radio, and  have never even 
called  Ten Tec complain on how they operate.  I would  not buy a Porsche 
 because they are too small, have I ever tried to  sit in one, no, but I 
still say they are too small, I don't need to own one HI  HI.
that is like the silliest thing I ever heard. I like my Orion, and it works  
well, it functions quite nicely and it did take me a bit of time to learn how 
to  use it., but that is not the radios fault.  I think the constant 
complaints  on the reflector about the minor problems  seem like a disaster to  
outsiders and they are forming opinions on hear say of a few folks.  there  are 
probably several thousand Orion out there by now, and there is 7 or 8 people  
who constantly argue  about what shade of gray the case is painted, (  you 
mean its not black??)  so if we continue to bad mouth the Orion it will  
to chase others away. It is a good radio, best of the 10 hf rigs I  currently 
own.  I can buy any rig I want, and choose the Orion as  best.  its the one I 
use daily.  
I am not saying to stop complaining, I am saying it is scaring folks  off.  a 
heads up that if you do A and B and C that x happens is ok and send  a copy 
to dits and bits.  that should do it. 
 your mileage may vary,
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ronc@sonic.net writes:

know of  one who I speak to once in a while on 75 meters who decided on the 
IC-7800  after reading everything on the Internet about the Orion II. 
Another guy  in our club went for a Pro III, although I don't know for sure 
why.   One fellow who used to be a regular on this reflector sold his and 
bought  an SDR-1000.


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> Agreed - insults  aren't welcome.  But those of us who *have* purchased
> the Orion  tend to see a glass that is half full instead of half empty.
>  Anyway, I am curious how many would-be Orion buyers have been put off  by
> the Orion firmware history.  TT should be curious,  too.
> 73 Martin AA6E
> Larry Menzel  wrote:
>> I love it.
>> "I don't own one, so I  can complain about it."
>> Pipe down, Steve.  If you  don't buy, don't bitch...and they're not 
>> clueless.
>>  Far from it.
>> I suggest that you not insult people with  whom you have no relationship.
>> Larry, N0XB
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>>> Exactly the  reasons I have not bought an Orion. What an outfit. They 
>>>  seem
>>> clueless.
>>> Steve   wd0ct
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>>>> I  am going to call it what it is...so if you are offended...get over  
>>>> it. I
>>>> still love my Orion II and you  can't have it. I am just growing a bit
>>>>  tired
>>>> of hopeful wishing that it will become what it is  advertised as being.

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