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Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 20:10:22 EDT
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In a message dated 7/12/2006 12:10:15 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,  
toby423@earthlink.net writes:

I live  really close to the Ten Tec factory and have made numerous visits 
over the  past several years,   and consider some of the employees as my  
friends.  I have always enjoyed visiting and talking with the different  
personel at  
the plant.

I was talking with my friend Jerry today, and we figured out some  
interesting points between us.
one of our  problems is that we are spoiled by TT 's ability to keep  our 20 
and 30 year radios running as new. Got a problem, send your corsair II in  for 
a repair and a tune up and its back in a week or two and fixed and  
relatively inexpensively fixed and quickly.
Call TT and say I need a knob for this and a plug for that, and a   switch 
for this and in a week or so, its there.
so we expect the same response with the problem of the day with the Orion  
series. Soft ware fixes are different, and we know this. when is the last time  
you called Ten Tec with a radio problem that was not handled promptly, its  
always "taken care of".  
now with software problems, we expect the exact same response, and it ain't  
gonna happen. so blame TT for being too good and causing us to expect the 
repair  of the soft ware to take 3 weeks and fixed.  They are doing fine and I 
just  fixed a "soft ware related problem " by attaching the broken ground in my 
Heil  mic cable.  but it had the same symptoms as the other soft ware problems, 
 and wasn't. ( actually Jerry fixed it, I held the light)
so I was complaining about a problem that was not soft ware related, My  Bad. 
but I heard the same exact problem with several others here on the  reflector 
saying the cause was software, and it really was a broke wire.  oops
I think that Ten Tec is doing fine, they are trying to support us in the  
best way possible, we complained about "when is Ver 2 coming out" on the  
software, and they released it as a beta version, then we complain "they should 
held it till it was fixed" so they can't win either way.
I will take a wild guess that there are in the neighborhood of 3000 to 4000  
orions out there by now, and we have the same 7 or 8 guys  with problems  
here, and then of course the 3 or 4  guys that don't own an Orion, but  
about them any how. And the SDR 1000 comparison is futile, its a  different 
animal, and no one ever mentions the inherent problem with latency in  the SDR 
radio, ( that is where the first dit you send  comes out 1/2 second  delayed 
to the linear processing in the radio. ) you will always have a  latency 
problem in a SDR because of the nature of the beast.
so I really like my Orion, it does all I ask it to, and more. 
thanks Ten Tec.. good job
tom N6AJR
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